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Worked on this touching memorial video for family and friends of Shannon Bryner. Through many tears, these photos were selected, scanned, cropped and edited into the following tribute to a wonderful friend and mother whom left our world too early. Shannon Bryner Memorial from David Himot on Vimeo.

  A fund raising campaign for a local church in Fort Collins. Church Math – Give to Save from David Himot on Vimeo.

The Haise’s adopt Besa from Albania. When Besa was newborn she suffered from delayed development. Six months of denial after they got home with her. They accepted her autism and were so happy when she accepted God into her heart. “In that we weren’t able to have children of our own. We’ve just loved trying [...]

Linda’s Music Notes hosted their March 2012 Recital at the Shepard of Our Lord Lutheran Church. There were fourteen individual performers with a combined thirty-seven songs. Sadie, Sophia, and Sam performed with other classmates and family friends. Sam played 4 songs, Play a Fourth, Rockers, Sea Divers, and Christopher Columbus. Sophia performed Camptown Ladies and [...]